Joue aux Défis Lettrix sur Wonderz. Les Défis sont des jeux gratuits où tu affrontes d'autres joueurs de la communauté des joueurs de Wonderz ! 50 Euros à gagner !

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players Winners Admission fees 1st prize
2 2 Free Games
Earn up to USD 50
Player to beat players Beat Score Admission fees 1st prize
reset1 3/5
17 475 1,000 Points
Earn up to
USD 50
groseille33 2/5
15 425 1,000 Points
Earn up to
USD 50
elisea 1/5
13 875 1,000 Points
Earn up to
USD 50
Creator players Beat Score Admission fees 1st prize
You have no current invitation to a Private Challenge for this Game.
You can not start a Private Challenge because you have no friends at the moment.
For 1,000 Points

Player Reviews

  • 5
Posted by: groseille33
Good evening
message to lettrix challenge players, sorry, I'm marked "in progress", but it's been an hour since it got bugged, the game got stuck
already that I had more desire to try them, I think that there, I am vaccinated
11/0619:41:11Posted on: at
  • 5
Posted by: groseille33
I want to congratulate the few players who arrive SYSTEMATICALLY to make crazy scores on lettrix challenges, but also to thank them, because I have less and less the desire to try them and so I rebuild my stock of points on quo verbis :)))
have a good day
19/0412:26:26Posted on: at
  • 5
Posted by: groseille33
I am looking for friends interested in private challenges on lettrix, as public challenges have unattainable scores, history that we are a few to win a little on this game .....
ask me on quoverbis
12/1113:44:46Posted on: at
  • 5
Posted by: vodka2508
good evening, on quoverbis what game corresponds to disappearance and appearance? I thought lettrix or pyramids but nothing is displayed - thank you
07/0922:07:29Posted on: at
  • 5
Posted by: groseille33
WebMaster and the players hello
there's a problem on quo verbis
I first had a bug on a lettrix challenge, and there is no way to start a game on the old jack tournament
I got a message saying that there would be a problem with my connection, except that I have no problem ON qua verbis
05/0511:50:51Posted on: at
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